2019 Migration Project

In connection with several scientific partners, we carried out a photographic report on the marking of migratory birds in Europe.

Our objective

Promote research for knowledge and conservation of migratory birds in Europe

Our guiding principle

Accompany the birds as they migrate from wintering areas on Atlantic coast to the northern breeding regions in Lapland


The project assessment

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Varanger – Norvège

Lofoten – Norvège

Laponie finlandaise

Maaninka – Finlande

Turku – Finlande

Kristianstad – Suède

Christiansø – Danemark

Belgique – Pays-Bas

Façade Atlantique française



of travel to the North


crossed along the flyway


with scientific structures


identified during the trip



the world of research by offering communication supports to our scientific partners


in the promotion and valorisation of scientific activities carried out in the field


Raise awareness
of the need to preserve biodiversity and act for the conservation of migratory birds in Europe



1237 images freely given to partner scientists, usable for their communication actions



9 ringing experiences: technical support for ringers in the field


9 online photo albums on ringing experiences: images and popularized explanatory texts


7 exhibitions and conferences to present the ringing of migratory birds


5 interventions with middle school and kindergarten students


10 online photo albums presenting the diversity of birds in their natural environment


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Latest news

News from our friend Pentti, Finnish ringer of Goldeneyes!

9 septembre 2020

It is always rewarding to see that the images taken during my trip in 2019 are used to promote the research activities carried out by ornithologists in the field! This article published in the Finnish magazine Metsästäjä gives us news about our friend Pentti Runko, a skilled goldeneye ringer in the heart of Finland. He has now reached the number of 18,000 ducks of this species ringed in 37 years of activity. And he carries out this considerable scientific work on a voluntary basis, dedicating all his annual vacations to this activity in the spring. Pentti was recently awarded by the Hako Ollikainen Foundation for his work in the service of knowledge and preservation of the Common Goldeneye. Congratulations !

The magazine Metsästäjä is the most important guidance and educational tool of the Finnish Wildlife Agency.

See you this weekend at the Spot-Nature festival at the Jardins Suspendus of Le Havre!

6 septembre 2020

From Friday at 10:30 am and until Sunday at 7 pm, you can discover the nature photographs of 120 authors selected by the jury of the festival! And you will notably find my image entitled "Symmetry", representing these 2 arctic dives (Gavia arctica) photographed on Lake Termisjärvi, in the extreme North of Finnish Lapland.
Thanks again to Spot-Nature and its organizers for this beautiful festival!

Pierre-Lou's article is the winner of the Young Reporters for the Environment contest !

2 juillet 2020

I am pleased to announce that my report entitled "A Ring for the Union of Birds and Men" is the winner of the French Young Reporters for the Environment contest!
In this article, I discuss the problems of bird population management and I look back on the beautiful experiences I encountered during my trip across Europe last year. Feel free to read the article by clicking on the link below!

We will be exhibiting at the Festival of Camargue from 7 to 12 May!

1 février 2020

--- Festival cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak ---

Our exhibition has been selected by the Festival of Camargue Committee! We will therefore have a stand from 7 to 12 May on this occasion.
We will give you more details and all the practical information to visit us!

The image "Sanderlings and the sea" selected for a public prize!

25 janvier 2020

The image entitled "The sanderlings and the sea", created by Pierre-Lou on the island of Texel, was pre-selected for the public prize in the Friends of the Tour du Valat association's competition!

It is the public's "likes" that will decide the 15 images selected by the jury!

Our visit to the Louis Pasteur primary school in Rueil-Malmaison

16 janvier 2020

On Friday, January 17, we spent the day at the Louis Pasteur primary school in Rueil-Malmaison.
We visited two classes of 6 to 7 years-old pupils to carry out different activities around the themes of birds and travel. In the morning, two times of exchanges were planned to discover the birds and the particularities of certain species, discuss the trip and photography. In the afternoon, we participated with the schoolchildren in different educational workshops to put into practice the discoveries of the morning.

And it was a very enriching experience for us too! So a big thank you to the students and the teaching team for their welcome and their great motivation throughout the day!

Find out our annual report for the year 2019!

1 janvier 2020

Through this document, we return to our year 2019 and the results of our project on the ringing of migratory birds!

It is also an opportunity for us to thank all those who made this great adventure possible!

Our feedback to the AgroParisTech community

5 décembre 2019

Through several exhibitions and conferences on the AgroParisTech sites of Maine and Claude Bernard, we presented our work and impressions on the trip.

These events were an opportunity to exchange with researchers, students and staff of our school and to promote our work, but also and above all that of the ringers we met over the past few months across Europe!

Two images selected for an exhibition at the Festi'versité of the Salon de l'Ecologie de Montpellier

30 octobre 2019

Two images made this summer in Lapland by Pierre-Lou have been selected by the jury of the Festi'versité of the Salon de l'Ecologie for an exhibition in Montpellier

You can admire this White-tailed Eagle and this long-tailed Jaeger in large format at the Parc zoologique du Lunaret until December 2nd!

Inauguration of our exhibition at the Montier Photo Festival from November 14 to 17!

1 octobre 2019

We will present our exhibition "Birds and Men: Banding and Migration" for the first time at the international festival of wildlife and nature photography in Montier-en-Der from November 14 to 17! It is the meeting place for enthusiasts and professionals in the world of wildlife and nature photography.

The Montier Photo Festival is a partner of our project and provides us with valuable support for the realization of the exhibition. A big thank you to them and see you soon for the 23rd edition of the festival!

New album : Far-off Varanger Peninsula

15 septembre 2019

The last stage of Pierre-Lou's journey, the Varanger peninsula extends beyond the 70th parallel north, at the northern end of continental Europe. It is an exceptional destination for birdwatching. Pierre-Lou visited these areas during the month of July 2019 and found out many northern species, most of them nesting.

The Hornøya colony is one of the most spectacular sites in the region. It is home to about 100,000 individuals each year and up to 11 species of seabirds. An incessant ballet flies over the cliffs of this small uninhabited island in a deafening din, offering unforgettable images, a moving encounter that sounded like the completion of a long captivating journey.

New album : a summer in Eastern Lapland

27 août 2019

Find out the northern landscapes and species encountered by Pierre-Lou during various excursions in Eastern Finnish Lapland between the months of June and July.

About the team

A complementary and determined duo

AVES is the brainchild of Pierre-Lou Chapot, a French engineering student at AgroParisTech. For years, he has been passionate about bird watching and wildlife photography. 

Originally from the small village of Beurey-sur-Saulx, Lorraine, he was able to huel his passion at the heart of remarkable spots of the region, such as the Lac du Der or the Lindre ponds.​

His solo trip to Northern Finnish Lapland in 2017 will have confirmed his attraction to the open spaces. After spending 5 months in Argentina in 2018, he will soon accompany migratory birds across Europe.

09.févr.19 - DS8_2916-2.jpg

Pierre Blanchot joined the AVES team for the realization of our photographic project on the ringing of migratory birds in Europe.


Originally from Rueil-Malmaison, Parisian region, this engineering student at AgroParisTech is full of energy in everything he undertakes.

Fervent rugby player, he is passionate about collective adventures and rich of many experiences in associative life.


Pierre wishes to participate in the development of AVES and our project for the promotion of research on migratory birds.


Partners of the project


Financial and material partners

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Scientific partners

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