About AVES Photographie
Aperçus Volatils et Etendues Sauvages
(Volatile Insights and Wilderness)

"Aves" is Spanish for "birds" and thus symbolizes the birth of this project, at the heart of Argentina.

In a deeply urbanized society, it is sometimes good to contemplate natural beauties that surround us. A few steps from paved cities, life goes on and buildings give way to endless wilderness, populated by innumerable creatures. Here, some piece and quiet, and time to enjoy the riches around.


Thus AVES wishes to share with you authentic wildlife images, along with facts and anecdotes about the nature that surrounds us. 

This adventure starts in Argentina and on this website you will find photogaphs taken during hikes and other excursions across South America.

Subsequently, AVES takes on a larger  project for the year 2019 : a report on the ringing of migratory birds in Europe, from the European Atlantic coast to the northern breeding regions in Scandinavia.

About the photographer

AVES is the brainchild of Pierre-Lou Chapot, a French engineering student at AgroParisTech. For years, he has been passionate about bird watching and wildlife photography. 

Originally from the small village of Beurey-sur-Saulx, Lorraine, he was able to huel his passion at the heart of remarkable spots of the region, such as the Lac du Der or the Lindre ponds.​

His solo trip to Northern Finnish Lapland in 2017 will have confirmed his attraction to the open spaces. After spending 5 months in Argentina in 2018, he followed migratory birds in Europe through a 7-month project alongside scientists.

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