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About the photographer

Growing up in Beurey-sur-Saulx, a small village in Lorraine, France, Pierre-Lou Chapot has been able to cultivate his passion for photography and ornithological observation in the heart of the region's natural areas.

Drown to wide open spaces, he took his first solo trip to the north of Finnish Lapland in 2017.

In 2018, Pierre-Lou published his first pictures taken during a 5-month trip through the majestic Argentinean landscapes. He thus created AVES Photographie, Aperçus Volatils et Etendues Sauvages. "Aves" means "birds" in Castilian, symbolising the birth of this project, in the heart of South America.


When he got back from Argentina, he developped a photography project that combines the observation of wildlife in its natural environment and the following of scientific missions carried out by ecology researchers.
In 2019, he embarks on a 7-month journey across Europe to follow migratory birds, documenting scientific monitoring and ringing activities, and photographing the birds along the migration route to the farthest reaches of the Varanger Peninsula.

In 2023, he will return to the Evo area, in Finland, to take part in the POOL project, a research and awareness-raising art project on the importance of temporary wetlands.

Awards and Exhibitions


Des oiseaux et des hommes : baguage et migration​

2020 - 12th Festival de la Camargue et du Delta du Rhône (Cancelled)

2019 - Montier-en-Der - 23rd Festival international de la photo animalière et de nature


2020 - One photograph selected for the Festival Spot Nature exhibition

2020 - Winner Young Reporters for the Environment - Une bague pour l'union des Oiseaux et des Hommes

2019 - Two winning photographs - Festi'versité jury of Salon de l'Ecologie de Montpellier

In a deeply turbulent society, contemplating natural beauty that surrounds us can be nice.
A few steps away from the concrete cities, life goes on. Buildings give way to the infinite wilderness inhabited by countless creatures, offering a little peace and quiet, and time to enjoy the treasures around us...

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