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Eiders of Christiansø

From 09 to 15 April, Pierre and Pierre-Lou traveled to Christiansø to take part in studies on Common Eiders (Somateria mollissima) during the breeding season.

This Danish island 500 meters in diameter is located in the Baltic Sea and is home to a large population of nesting Common Eiders.
Svend Erik Garbus, veterinarian and researcher with the University of Aarhus, has been conducting studies on this species of sea duck for 5 years.
He carries out two blood samples on females at the beginning and at the end of the incubation period in order to study the physiological evolution of the ducks during this period. Conducting these studies over several years may eventually be able to detect changes over a larger time scale.

We participated in the first sequence of samples that we present here in pictures. This week on this isolated island will remain for us very good memories and we thank Svend Erik for his availability and his good mood throughout the week!

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