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Back to Käsivarsi wilderness

Passing through Finnish Lapland, Pierre-Lou took the opportunity to get lost again in the wilderness of Käsivarsi he had traveled in August 2017 (see the album of the first trip). But in early June 2019, here spring appears only, the surface of many lakes is partially frozen, large and thick patches of snow still strew the vast desert landscapes of the Finnish tundra.

He found some species he had encountered two years ago such as golden plovers, willow grouses or ptarmigans. But this time there were many other northern species: Lapland and snow buntings, long-tailed jaegers, black- and red-throated loons, Temminck's sandpipers, dotterels or phalaropes kept company with Pierre-Lou during these 6 days of walking through the hills of the region.

But a danger threatened our solitary photographer. Why sleep when each day, 24 hours of light are offered to you in the middle of these wild areas full of birds? He will need a little rest now.

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