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Head to Finland!

I am writing to you while crossing the Baltic Sea on the Finnstar! A 30-hour ferry ride from northern Germany to the Finnish capital, Helsinki! I'm due to arrive on Monday morning, and will reach the Lammi biological station a few hours later.

There, I will meet a small army of researchers to take part in the POOL project alongside them. This project brings together a team of scientists, artists and partners, with the aim of increasing our knowledge of seasonal wetlands and raising awareness of the importance of their role in the ecosystems of the boreal forest.

I will spend two weeks in the spring and two weeks at the end of the summer to photograph the evolution of vernal pools and their biodiversity over the seasons, as well as documenting the scientific work carried out as part of the project.

And after these first two weeks with the POOL project, I will extend my journey to the Far North, the Lofoten Islands and the Käsivarsi wilderness area, to explore these remarkable areas once again.

I'll be back very soon to share with you the progress of the trip... As always, with some pictures...


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