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New album : Pentti Runko's Goldeneyes

Pierre-Lou presents in images the story of a week spent with Pentti Runko in Maaninka, in the center of Finland. This ringing experience is the most personal that Pierre-Lou has encountered so far.

A fireman by profession, Pentti has taken all his annual holidays for 35 years to give himself up to what he calls "his hobby": the ringing of Common Goldeneyes (Bucephala clangula) during the breeding season. 16342 ducklings, 261 juveniles and 474 adults; these are the numbers of Goldeneyes that he had ringed until May 3, 2019. A considerable work at the service of the knowledge of this species with which he has forged a strong link.

But much more than numbers, these results are the fruit of flawless passion and perseverance, and a considerable knowledge developed over all these years. ​

Many thanks to Pentti for giving me these captivating moments and for his warm welcome!


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