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News from our friend Pentti, Finnish ringer of Goldeneyes!

It is always rewarding to see that the images taken during my trip in 2019 are used to promote the research activities carried out by ornithologists in the field! This article published in the Finnish magazine Metsästäjä gives us news about our friend Pentti Runko, a skilled goldeneye ringer in the heart of Finland.

He has now reached the number of 18,000 ducks of this species ringed in 37 years of activity. And he carries out this considerable scientific work on a voluntary basis, dedicating all his annual vacations to this activity in the spring. Pentti was recently awarded by the Hako Ollikainen Foundation for his work in the service of knowledge and preservation of the Common Goldeneye. Congratulations ! The magazine Metsästäjä is the most important guidance and educational tool of the Finnish Wildlife Agency.


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