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Pentti Runko's Goldeneyes

At the end of May, Pierre-Lou was welcomed by Pentti Runko in Maaninka, in central Finland, to take part in catching and ringing Goldeneye (Bucephala clangula) during the breeding period.

This ringing experience is the most personal that Pierre-Lou has encountered so far. A fireman by profession, Pentti has taken all his annual holidays for 35 years to give himself up to what he calls "his hobby". 16342 ducklings, 261 juveniles and 474 adults; these are the numbers of Goldeneye that he had ringed until May 3, 2019. A considerable work at the service of the knowledge of this species with which he has forged a strong link.

During all the Goldeneye breeding period, Pentti conducts this full-time work with impressive organization, knowledge and thoroughness. Pierre-Lou shared during a short week this very tiring but so interesting day to day!
Here are some pictures that will present you these authentic moments spent with Pentti that I thank again for his warm welcome.

Goldeneyes are ducks that originally nest in tree cavities. Today, many of them use these large nest boxes. A little over 400 nest boxes are set up in the Pentti study area, about 100 of which are used each year by a female Goldeneye.

It is important to remember that even if Pentti performs these operations voluntarily, and that it is for him a passion, he had to follow before many trainings to obtain a ringing license. In no case this type of operation can be performed by simple amateurs and this work is the result of a considerable accumulation of knowledge and savoir-faire.

To see more of these Goldeneyes, feel free to visit the Youtube page of Pentti.

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