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A night of wader captures
on the Moëze-Oléron reserve

On the night of February 5 to 6, our photographer Pierre-Lou did not sleep much. And not even at all because he participated in a night of wader captures alongside the managers of the Réserve naturelle nationale de Moëze-Oléron, a reserve managed by the LPO.

These operations take place in a singular atmosphere throughout a dark moon night. Indeed, catches are made in large nets and darkness is necessary to deceive the mistrust of birds. These captures require a lot of preparation. The study of the tides, the weather, as well as an excellent knowledge of the habits of the birds on the site are essential to hope the success of such an operation.

Here are some images, made in the light of the headlamps of the ringers and volunteers who were active in the night according to a meticulous organization.

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