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Originally from the small village of Beurey-sur-Saulx in Lorraine, Pierre-Lou Chapot has been able to feed his passion for photography and ornithological observation in the heart of the region's natural areas.

Attracted by the wide open spaces, he made his first solo trip to the north of Finnish Lapland in 2017.

In 2018, Pierre-Lou publishes his first images made during a 5-month journey through the majestic Argentinean landscapes. He thus created AVES Photographie, Aperçus Volatils et Etendues Sauvages. "Aves" means "birds" in Castilian and thus symbolizes the birth of this project, in the heart of South America.


On his return from South America, he built and carried out a photographic project combining the observation of wildlife in its natural environment and the follow-up of scientific missions carried out by ecology researchers.
In 2019, he embarks on a 7-month journey across Europe in pursuit of migratory birds, documenting scientific monitoring and ringing activities, and photographing the birds along the migration route to the farthest reaches of the Varanger Peninsula.


In 2023, he will return to a Finnish stop of his journey, in the Evo area, to take part in the POOL project, a research and awareness-raising art project on the importance of temporary wetlands.


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